Thomas Merton Books

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December 21, 2012

For some who do not know him, Thomas Merton was a Trappist monk, a poet and a sociable activist, best recognized for his life story. The Seven Storey Mountain, which has been introduced in large research of young guys (and, no doubt, females) into life of religious concern all throughout the United States and further than. I have an interest in Catholic transcendentalist authors and enjoy books about monks. Among them was The Seven Storey Mountain was always a favorite of many. There is a small book of Time that never fails to inspire anyone. The main thing that is so amazing about him is his adoring of nature and his ebullience.

 As soon as you begin studying them, you can find yourself transferred to the wood made veranda of his hermitage in Gethsemani, Kentucky. It is in night-time. You are seated on an uncomfortable stool, viewing the fireflies flit through the night.

 "Lord God of this great night," Merton sighs, "do you see the woods?

 "Do you hear the rumor of their loneliness?

 "Do you behold their secrecy?

 "Do you recall their solitudes? Do you see that my soul is beginning to dissolve like wax within me?"

 Prayers are not for our self only, but wishing for other individuals too. Prayer is not for a cost, but is free like adore that we can give in large quantity to other people and to the community in humbleness and compromise. Prayer is very pleasing to God. The extra we pray we are converted into better individuals daily, even minimal by little. Thomas Merton books are really helpful in one’s life.

 Thomas Merton, the courageous monk who writes about being unpopular, but pursuing God is a good illustration of bravery in any profession. I have known Thomas Merton in the books I have read. My best buddy in college Ricky (a protestant), gave me a Merton's book as a present for my birthday. Should I say it impacted the ideas in my life?

 Merton then began to understand the universal nature of mysticism, and that Buddhism, especially, addressed mysticism more clearly than Christianity did regarding how to understand it, and more importantly provided a non-religious method to make a fundamental change in one's life.

 10 years have gone since the terrible and unfortunate demise of Thomas Merton. His loss of life was a cell of ironies: a man who struggled for monastic privacy for more than 25 years passed away thousands of kilometers from his Kentucky hermitage; this enthusiastic pacifist and was moved back from Thailand in an army plane, from an airfield that was a part of the network of army bases that grown during the Vietnam years.

 Some of Thomas Merton Books were:-

 The Silent Life (1956); Basic Principles of Monastic Spirituality (1957); Thoughts in Solitude (1958); Disputed Questions (1960).


Social and political concerns; confidence in philosophical defense of solitude.

Wisdom of the Desert (1960); the New Man (1962); New Seeds of Contemplation (1962); Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander (1965); Contemplation in a World of Action (1965); Raids on the Unspeakable (1965).


Emphasis on essays versus books; wide variety of subjects, especially mysticism, transcendence, and Eastern thought.

The Way of Chuang-Tzu (1965); Mystics and Zen Masters (1967); Zen and the Birds of Appetite (1968)